Yggdrasil and Netent Overview

By 22 January 2021

As time goes by, the demand for online casino games keeps increasing. This has led to an increase in the number of game providers. Online sites like topnetent-casinos have ensured the brands are kept in check, give good services and operate within regulations.

How do Netent and Yggdrasil Compare?

Netent and Yggdrasil are among the most established gaming companies in the world today. These companies have been known for building the best casino games and running well known sites like https://www.globalimbalances.com . They have a lot of features in common and gamblers like their games.

  1. Netent When Pigs Fly
  2. The Hunter's Meat

To begin with, Netent is one of the oldest companies in the gaming industry. It has been in operations since early 1996 having started its business in Sweden. It later started distributing its services to countries across the globe, making one of the best.

Growth Rate Comparison

Yggdrasil is a late entry into the online gaming industry, having been launched in mid 2013. Over its 7 years of business, Yggdrasil has enjoyed massive success with remarkably done game slots. Despite its young age, Yggdrasil has been making some of the best games.

Yggdrasil was founded by Mr. Fredrik Elmqvist, a former Netent CEO. Fredrik had gained significant experience working with Netent and that can be seen in the games made by Yggdrasil. Most of their games are interesting, contains good quality graphics as well as amazing soundtracks.

Company Size Comparison

In terms if size, it is pretty obvious that Netent is among the biggest in the world. The company has offices in over 55 countries across the world and over 1300 employees. In Sweden, it does not have much presence despite the fact that it was founded there.

Yggdrasil on the other hand, had 600 employees. The company has had a rough time on the international market because most gamblers prefer tried and proven gaming companies like Netent and Microgaming. Yggdrasil has offices in less that 10 countries with its headquarters based in Europe.

How do Slots Compare?

When it comes to slot comparison, both Netent and Yggdrasil use five reels in almost all of their slot games. Most of their games revolve around players using play table themes to gamble. Both companies make games based on different character entities which is quite amazing.

  • Both companies use five reels.
  • They create games based on different characters.

The chances of winning in both companies are almost the same. In Netent slot games for instance, players have a good chance of winning in slot games like When Pigs Fly and Quest for Immortality. This also applies to games made by Yggdrasil like Dragon Lord.


Yggdrasil and Netent Features

In terms of features, Netent offers more compared to Yggdrasil. Some of Netent's most remarkable features are Wild Cards and Free Spins. The free spins feature remains one of the most admired by gamblers because it gives them better chances of winning slot games.

Yggdrasil on the other hand, prides itself in offering lucrative bonus features. Gamblers stand a good chance of winning cash through bonus bets. The advantage that comes with Yggdrasil bonuses is the fact that you can win real money with them! How amazing is that!